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Author: Subject: *Forum Guidelines*
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exclamation.gif posted on 24-6-2008 at 14:44
*Forum Guidelines*


1.What the Admin says is final.

2.If you dont like what the admin says. leave or be banned!

3.Total respect for the admin is required at all times.

Now the other rules.


With the new forum and a fresh start, the team thought it would be a good time to get some guidelines in place to help keep things in order on the forum. We dont want to run the place like a prison camp, just make it a good place to chat and easier for us to moderate.

Some things to bare in mind when posting:

Guideline Point .1
Any major personal attack on another member in any form will not be tolerated

Guideline Point .2
Use standard english spelling and grammar at all times.

Guideline Point .3
Please ensure that topics and posts are in the correct place and are relevant to the topic

Guideline Point .4
Pointless posts, links and one word answers or emoticons will be deleted. Please add to the discussion.

Guideline Point .5
Membership is a privelige not a right. Any account, IP address, thread, post, link, photo, name, signature, signature link or avatar can be ammended/removed/banned by the team at there discretion.

Guideline Point .6
When posting pictures please make sure they do not stretch the forum.

Guideline Point .7
Do not post pointless topics, or similar ones to those that already exist.

Guideline Point .8
Arguments are to be continued outside of the forum. And quoting from MSN is not acceptable. Respect Other Members!

Guideline Point .9
This forum operates a three strike policy. Each member has three opportunities to redeem themsleves. If your behavious is deemed inappropriate by the team you will first be issue with a warning via PM and Email. This is your first strike. Then if the behavior persists you will be banned for a week along with another warning. And if you continue to behave in a manner seen as unacceptable you will then be permanently banned from the forum.

Guideline Point .10
Signatures And Avatars to be appropriate. Signatures should be no larger than 150x500 pixels and avatars no bigger than 150x150 pixels.

Guideline Point .11
Have Fun! And Chat...

Remember we are all here to chat, discuss etc. So please these guidelines are there to help us and you. Please bare them in mind.

Many Thanks

The Pendulum Live Team

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[*] posted on 18-9-2008 at 19:25

I fully accept these guidelines and do abide by them, but as there is no where on this forum for the other end of the spectrum, ie - members telling admin what they should do better, i just want to get my point across. I posted a topic regarding some needed help/advice yesterday, that i was eagerly anticipating a reply for, I come back to it today and 'azasmith' assumed that i must be satisfied with the response i recived and closed the topic. I was not fully satisfied with the response that i was given regarding the topic, fully aware that i should never expect a perfect responce that will solve my problem. However i think that if the topic would have been left open, maybe some more people could have helped.

I accept that you have a forum to run and rules must be followed, but i think one or two of the admin team are going a little over the top with their priveleges and are dismissing issues.

Azasmith -'I'm great when it comes to Authority'

Fair plate of you, just make sure you use it in the right places.

Not having a go, or looking for an argument, i just feel that as a member, admin should be told.

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[*] posted on 18-9-2008 at 19:36

Ok.. As a mod i feel i should post why i closed the topic... Your thread was asking how you would go about being able to photograph Pendulum on the 3rd of December...

Admins post was all you really needed to read. As he is in the know when it comes to Pendulum & Photographing a lot of the live sets...

Ollies answer was the best answer you were going to get.. Just trust us on that one... Therefore i saw no need in keeping the thread open...

"Azasmith-I'm great when it comes to Authority". I forgot you can't portay a joke on a forum without using the words lol or indeed : :lol:

We did try an improvements thread quite some time ago. And it it still open if you use the search feature.. Although i don't know what it's called...

What i will do for you, as you took the time to post here and did so in a calm manner.. ( I've had PM's from people biting my head off in the past... )

I will review the thread and possibly re-open it...

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Raver behaviour

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[*] posted on 18-9-2008 at 19:43

thats sound mate, i just felt that you should know. i love this forum haha, but thanks aza

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[*] posted on 20-9-2010 at 20:11

Nice rules, can i quickly say 2 questions though please son

do these rules apply on all the internet or is it just inside this forum

did any pendulum members help write them , (the rules)
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[*] posted on 19-5-2011 at 03:10

Yes I like !! :finger::finger:
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