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Ash - 19-5-2010 at 05:06


So we want your reviews of the album, pros, cons, highlights, ratings, pictures, video reviews whatever.

Only of the full album and please no other discussion other than reviews :)

Thank You!

Ash - 19-5-2010 at 05:10

Azasmith Review:

Ok, I've listened to it, and I'll eat my fucking hat... 2nd best album they've done. Some absolute gold on this album, the way it flows is top notch. Review of each track:

Genesis: The 8bit samples are quite nice. Builds well. One of the weaker intros to an album. Nothing compared to Prelude for example. And the (almost) intro to In Silico off the live album.

Salt In The Wounds: Pow Pow PaPowPow. Good track.

Watercolour: No point reviewing this one either.

Set Me On Fire: Not a bad attempt at Dubstep, one of the better songs on the album. The rumbling bass on the drop really makes it. The flutey style is a bit of a rip off of Dr P - Sweet Shop though.

Crush: The intro to this is fucking brutal... Can't fault this track either. Keychanges in the lyrics are typical cheesey vocals, but they work really fucking well. Lots of distorted guitar as well.. Girl In The Fire outro to keep Perry happy I see.

Under The Waves: First few bars sound like Michael Jacksons Thriller... Lyrics at the start of this feel a bit dance oriented, something Cascada or Tiesto would do... Once it drops though, it's back to the usual business. Another good track on the album despite the intro lyrics.

Immunize: Really grown on me since the Radio play... Does sound like a typical Prodigy track with the synth. Not much happens in it, but it's still a fair tune which goes quite well with the beginning half of the album.

The Island:Pt 1: Same cheesey but catchy synth lines. Annoyingly I like a house tune. Whoaaawhoaoaaoaoaaaaaaa... The way this one slows down at the end to intro...

The Island Pt 2: The seamless transition between part 1 and 2 makes this pretty fucking heavy. I don't think I need to explain why this is a good track. It's just so glitchy and jumpy. Just what I like from a tune. It's like a VIP on an album... Which is always win.

Comprachicos: This tune owes me my face back.. Considering it's just blown it for six... One of the shortest, but possibly the best tracks... It's just so dark and grimey... The only track to have a proper tempo as well... Fucking love the drum track. The vocals add a really weird twist in the verse, then the chorus rips it into another dimension completely.

The Vulture: The build up to the drop sounds like a really well known tune sampled. Even this track sounds like something from Invaders Must Die. Nice to see the Otherside lady making a come back. And the Midnight Runner style fill at the end of the odd bar is a welcome addition. Also a Blood Sugar style synth on the chorus. In Silico in a track. Good vocals in general imo

Witchcraft: Latest single from Take That when it starts, didn't really want to wait 45 seconds for it to wake me up again.. No doubt Radio 1 will bum it. Sounds quite similar to another track on the album, a lot of the sounds feel recycled. Don't know if anyones decyphered the lyrics yet. But they do seem a little emoey.

Self vs Self: Despite all of my hatred for the screamy lyrics, the rest of it is tolerable. And in the defence of the album, they're rather nicely drowned out by bass and a heavy drum track to boot. Meh...

The Fountain: Doesn't take long for this track to take off into the ether, sounds like a track you'd use to advertise Audiosurf for the PC, or Mirrors Edge 2. (If anyone uses this track in an advert I want fucking royalties, because it was my idea.)

Encoder: Amazing, really builds nicely, despite the sound of Rob searching his bathtub for the soap at the end... Not sure what that's about...

Overall most of these tracks would do quite well on Radio 1, it's almost like they've had a look at Radio 1's website, looked at all the types of music they play and gone, " right lads, one track on each show? " Metal, House, Dubstep etc...

chrislawrance - 19-5-2010 at 11:17

good review aza

Gary - 19-5-2010 at 15:06

Genesis:- Sounds like the start to a modern space-themed thriller. Very unusual, unlike Prelude this contains no voice over but runs very nicely into Salt in the Wounds.

Salt in the Wounds:- After hearing songs like ransom, then hearing salt in the wounds it led us on to think the album would be very DnBish but Salt in the Wounds is a really hard electro track which doesn't really tell for what is about to proceed in the rest of the album, but it will take no survivors and gear you up for a wicked ride.

Watercolour:- Watercolour has proven itself to the public, but in the DnB world it, like In Silico, it has been shunned. I wouldn't describe this as a DnB track to begin with, the melodic use of the synths, smart drumming and aggressive vocals make this track the one that splits the fans and foes, but 4th in the charts, shows that Immersion as a whole, is a force to be reckoned with.

Set me on Fire:- This dubstep tune had at first puzzled the listeners into which direction Pendulum were going. The crazy chorus vocals contrasted with the slow, hypnotizing verse vocals really showed us the contrast between this, and any other Pendulum song. One word to describe this song that I have mentioned "hypnotizing."

Crush:- A simply mind-blowing intro, people were left begging to hear this after the audio mess-up at matter which distorted the real class of this song. The classy, smart keyboard intro lets you think this is going to be a nice, soft song to turn the album on its head, but no, the aggression in the bass, drums and vocals outline the title of this one. "CRUSH!!" be afraid.

Under the Waves:- Arguably the tune most like the old Pendulum, well certainly listening to the intro. The repetitive drum, bass and synth lines really assist the vocals. Then the tune drops and we are whipped into a world of sega and N64s. This crazy, retro tune is a combination of the pre-album pendulum and songs like 9000 miles. If you were to silence the haters, choose this song.

Immunize:- There is no doubting the catchy-ness of this tune but it has left many people thinking; for a collab between pendulum and the leader of arguably the world's greatest electronic band, you'd expect much better. It's like marmite, this tune.

The Island Pt I (Dawn):- Described by Pete Tong as being Deadmau5's twisted cousin, this new direction from Pendulum to go house, has blown away many trance and house fans. If you're looking for a HUGE tune for the summer. No need to look elsewhere. The Island has a huge drop, good vocals and a melodic beat. If you want more, I suggest you get your head checked.

The Island Pt II (Dusk):- Says to me; "House party, anyone ?" This mad and mental tune is the sick, twisted version of Pt 1. Killer remix ? For crying out loud Gareth, screw b-side, I'm chucking this on the album; and why not ? This will immerse you in "immersion." "Yo Blad! Dis tune is heavy!"

Comprachicos:- Dark twisted vocals, reminiscent of NIN, may instantly put people off but as soon as that famous guitar tune, dating away back since Ibiza kicks in, this track is a winner all over. Snappy, dark, aggressive; theme tune for a new horror movie ? maybe, yes, but still, tune and a half either way.

The Vulture:- Oh, what's this, Ben "Verse" Mount on an album track, surely that will never work. Well you're wrong, the intense grimey rapping and upbeat synths surely makes this a top track in the album, and unsurprisingly, it does. Not many people mess with this tune, and it promises to be a killer live.

Witchcraft:- Recently announced second single off Immersion. Is that any surprise, I hear you ask. No, the almost Propane Nightmares style, catchy synth/guitar combo riff is a winner. It will be interesting to see whether this is a big success as Watercolour, it should be, but who knows.

Self Vs Self:- There is no doubting the awesomeness of the guitar riff in this, it's dark and mindblowing. This will attract rock and metal fans to Pendulum as they play gigs such Sonisphere this Summer. Arguably not much of a Pendulum influence, but it has won over many people, despite the screaming vocals.

The Fountain:- Well if Rob's voice went for eternity, Steve Wilson wouldn't have been the main candidate to replace it, but after this catchy, melodic and smooth tune, it is clear Steve Wilson plus Pendulum equals a major success. Some people won't like this for lack of bass, but it is a great tune, neither less. "You don't feel my energy, but it won't be long" proves this song is lyrical genius, bravo Stevo.

Encoder:- Erm, Rob how can you end such a mixed album, I mean will you make this a Indie tune. No, I think I'll make a crazy rock ballad-esque tune to wipe away all the doubters. The vocals and drumming make this tune such a powerful, awe-inspiring song for the masses. Gig finisher, mindblower, totally different, no this isn't the tempest, this is Encoder, the magnificent work of art by Mr. Rob Swire. "Believe me, I'm on your side" may bring a tear to your eye and you may swell up with emotion. But don't worry, it should do. An epic and memorable end to a kick-ass album. Bravo Pendulum, take a bow.

Ash - 21-5-2010 at 03:43

Pendulum - Immersion Review : The Guardian

And so we welcome back Pendulum, the Aussies who are to musical subtlety what Edith Piaf is to regrets. Their sound – a cut'n'shut of drum & bass and sports metal with elements of emo – might be generously described as eclectic, but three albums in it's paying off: they're massive. Part of their appeal lies in their bombast, as 2008's, erm, bombastic hit Propane Nightmares proved. And there is plenty of bombastic bombast in tracks such as Crush and the whirligig Salt in the Wounds. When the template deviates from the big-beat/bigger-beat norm, such as on the Liam Howlett-featuring Immunize or Self vs Self (straight-up metal with guests In Flames) things are more bearable. But too often this is music designed for the sticky floors of an afterhours Walkabout bar. It's robotically humourless; imagine C3PO discovering ecstasy and synths and you're there.

Will Dean

2/5 stars

RodStar - 21-5-2010 at 05:20

2 stars! Are they on crack?

For me this is an album with NO skippable tracks, its genius!

Xenophunk - 21-5-2010 at 05:29

Genesis: This is a very orchestral introduction track, but sadly comes second from "Prelude" and the sadly-cut "Intro" from "Showdown."

Salt in the Wounds: A return to "Slam" and drum and bass tracks in general people would say. Mixed with Genesis it makes a dream "track".

Watercolour: A wonderful continuation of their new electronica tracks (a la In Silico) with the sounds of charting success. A track DOA will love to hate, like anything with the word "Pendulum"/"Rob Swire" on it/in it/produced by.

Set Me On Fire: Love their first official dubstep tune. Love it to death.

Crush: Loved it at Matter, love it now. Loved the demo more :<

Under the Waves: Favourite track. I shit you not.

Immunize-The Fountain: Complete and utter sex.

Encoder: Encoder. The middle child of the whole damned album, in my personal opinion. From what I heard from the preview, it offered an ending like "The Tempest" did with "In Silico". The lyrics would also suggest some sort of a melodic indie tune, again like "The Tempest". I like it, but it's not my favourite. It's in front of "Ulterior Motive" and all the other tracks I haven't listened to yet ("Just A Ride", etc).

It doesn't suck, but it's not my favourite.


garymiller - 21-5-2010 at 10:16

My review. Not in chronological order but in a top 15 order. Also posted in the Top 15 list. These are all based on the High Quality official version that got released on the Dutch iTunes today:

I am going to try a top 15 list but it'll be hard.

1. Witchcraft: Man, this track is so great and I am sure it's going to be huge. I love the intro with the vocals into the synth build up followed by a catchy synth tune that sounds like Propane Nightmares. It's a track that certainly attracts the mainstream audience.

2. The Vulture: Kudos to probably the guy from Pendulum who gets the most criticism of all members. Ben The Verse' vocals on this track are brutal and awesome. This track is how we know Pendulum. Sick intro building up into a sick beat with a great catchy tune. Reminds me a lot of The Prodigy this track. This is absolutely a killer track.

3. Watercolour: Another great typical mainstream Pendulum track. Has that Propane Nightmare type of build. Nice intro, Rob doing some nice vocals and a great catchy tune that gets stuck in your head. I love it! It's brilliant!

4 & 5. The Island Part 1 and 2: The reason I do these in one is basically because this is one huge track split up in two parts. Part 1 is a mainstream type of song again that would do great for the mainstream audience and is probably single material. A nice building up intro going into a nice catchy tune. Part 2 is a more old school Pendulum like track. As I and many others said before this could've easily been made into a 5 minute track. I do reckon they will do this if they'll release this on a single or maybe a special radio edit as a B side. Who knows. But they could've used one spot for Ransom. I really miss Ransom on this album.

6. Encoder: Man, what a relaxing tune. This album certainly shows you Pendulum can do everything! This is a nice tune to listen to when you heard the full album. It gives you this good and satisfied feeling of: Man, I just listened to a great album and now it's over. Life can be good, sometimes. I would love them to use this as a gig closure! It's kind of build up like The Tempest. It has a nice begin part followed by a break and changing into a different kind of tune. Fucking awesome!

7. Salt in the Wounds: This is the first track I heard off the new album and what a sick track it is. It's a lot like Slam. No vocals (even though I heard a version with Vocals which was also cool.) but certainly a nice catchy tune to go crazy on. It's a bit long though. But when you had enough you can always skip to the next track. The intro is immensely mixed with the Intro (Genesis).

8. Comprachicos: Short but sweet has never fitted so well. With a mysterious Marilyn Manson like intro going into a cool beat followed by a nice bass and drum combination with vocals that we are not used to. I love it. I enjoy listening to this track. A great album filler!

9. The Fountain: I love this track. Different kind of Pendulum tune. Great use of Synths and one of the more relaxing tunes if you ask me. I never heard of Steve Wilson but you won't hear me complain cause he does some great vocals on this track. This song will certainly blast over my speakers on a regular basis.

10. Crush: No nonsense, in your face and aggressive track. This is what you should play when you want to drive fast over the highway. I like the chaotic like vocals and the guitar and drums are immense in combination with a great synth tune!

11. Genesis: Great little intro. I love the Video Game like sounds in it. Makes you feel like you are sitting in front of gaming system playing some modern version of an old Nintendo game with an remade intro. I love how it smoothly flows into Salt in the Wounds.

12. Self vs Self: What? A hard rock/metal track on a Pendulum album? Who'd ever thought we would see that! What a track it is. I love the kind of Killswitch Engage melodic metal type of music and this certainly falls under that category. However I do NOT like the vocals on In Flames part. Too much screaming and not a good scream as well. Certainly not a track for die hard Pendulum fans if you ask me but a nice album filler.

13. Set Me on Fire: Probably not a track I would play often but certainly not a bad track. It's a more of an "old school" Pendulum track. A sick track I have to be in the mood in. I like the combination of a very heavy bass with synth like samples. The vocals are CRAP though. Very annoying. Could've done without the weird Jamaican vocals.

14. Under The Waves: Quite a boring track. Not bad but not great or something. Probably a track I would skip often. Not my cup of tea. Maybe it needs to grow on me but nah, for now I am not impressed.

15. Immunize: Probably the biggest disappointment of the album. A song feat Liam from Prodigy? That can't be disappointing right? Well yeah it can and it is. Certainly not a bad track but good is something else. Let's be honest though: NOTHING BEATS VOODOO PEOPLE REMIX! NOTHING! and I keep this in my mind when I see Prodigy and Pendulum together. Nice try but not everything works out.

This is my review and top 15 track list. The album itself as a whole? Fucking sick. A lot of great tunes with a lot of different style of tracks. Pendulum did a great job on this album and I can't wait to hear some of the tracks live!

nightrunner_ks - 21-5-2010 at 14:05

hmmm i think listening to the 1 min previews kinda ruined it for me but heres my review

Genesis - an intro. orchestral. dont really care for it, but it leads up well to...

SITW - A great track, still to this day. Heavy. energetic, and very nostalgic of the old days of HYC. Perfect for the DJ sets. Awesome, pendu-synths that weve grown to love, with a slamming beat

Watercolour - amazing track, as people have said, its the track that DOA hate. Rob's vocals have definately improved since In Silico (not saying they were bad). Organ style leads with a beat that never stops to amaze me to this date.

SMF - Good. absolutely loved in at first, but i guess i overheard it. Dubstep is getting old there days, but this track is different. It sounds alot like Doctor P, and Sweet Shop was a bit wierd, but good (P's "Reasons" remix is mental, check it out)

Crush - Loved this track since matter. Like all the tracks, this represents the future of pendulum. The EQ'd intro is awesome (sounds like a paramore track haha). then the ehuuehhhuu of rob works well with trancey leads. robs voice works incredibly well

Under The Waves - This track is wow.. it resembles pendulums old trance n bass stuff like "Spiral". the rolling percussion with soft lyrics work perfectly. People say the lyrics are crap, but they are incredibly metaphorical of emotions, feelings etc...well done

Immunize - This is not a dissapointment. not at all. it could use some fine tuning, but the energy is there. You can feel it.

The Island (Both Parts) - what can i say. Part one...the perfect summer anthem, that destroys the the pop music thats on the radio these days. these days, its all about auto tune, justin bieber and the black eyed peas. the island brings...simplicity. a soft synth, heavy, pendu-beats, and "robs vocally goodness" (cookies for anyone that recognises the quote)

part 2...holy f*ck. the pinnacle of electro/house production. those drops, wobbles, leads, they sound like a mess of VST's, but they work PERFECTLY. set me on fire could take a few lessons from the island...

both parts are easily club hits. btw...HOOOOO (more cookies for anyone that recognises what dnb track it also features in)

comprachicos - those whispers at the beginning...creepy, and AWESOME. Comprachicos is a term for child abuse, trade of kids...evil sh*t. then the beat comes in, and you feel like air drumming and guitaring. good work sawka, perry and rob :)

The Vulture - in one word...POWER. this an evolution of fasten your seatbelts. vocal awesomness from great. the vocals from other side work great hahah ( i actually laughed for some reason...its awesome)

Witchcraft - definately single worthy. amazingly layered guitars over synths, a reminder of Granite's awesomeness. proper dark in places ( more cookies to the person who said this). by the way, this song is about murders/violence against women

Self vs Self - i know alot of people hate this song, but like Swire, i too have a hardcore/metal background. i enjoy metalcore, and stuff like that. This track is good. the riffs arent original but works/ robs voice works well with the screaming. in flames are an awesome band...i heard their stuff i while back.

The Fountain - never heard of steve wilson, but he seems good. this track has a good trance feel to it. the vocals are great. definately enjoying this. Wasnt hayley williams meant to be on this track? shes quite hot...shame she ran off with BoB and eminem hahaha

encoder - i could not imagine a better outro to this album. quite epic...amazing.
all in all...9/10. i thought it would be a 10, but it hasnt hit the spot for me...yet

AbXtreme - 21-5-2010 at 23:33

The Telegraph gave it 3 out of 5

The Sun gave it 3.5 out of 5

JC2 - 22-5-2010 at 00:38

Happy with mine arriving today. Basically agree with most of the stuff already written, but i'll write a review up anyway seeing as I've been following it and waiting for its arrival for over a year...

GENESIS: Really like it as an intro, can't work out what harm keeping the robot vox would have done to it though. Like how it leads into SITW.

SALT IN THE WOUNDS: We had snippets of this track for a while, and to me it seems some of the earlier demos could have made this track better if they were kept. Overall though, its a decent track that smashes the floor. As previously mentioned though, it is definitely too repetitive.

WATERCOLOUR: Well, when it was first released i absolutely loved it. But when you put it up against most of the other tracks on the album, its definitely one of the weakest IMO. Proved to be a really good single choice though, Pendulum's biggest hit to date.

SET ME ON FIRE: You can only really appreciate this tune with the full quality. Absolute banger of a dubstep track, one of the best i think I've heard. So much going on and everything works perfectly together.

CRUSH: Loved this from the minute i heard it on the Matter stream. The vocals are immense and the opening drop is mind blowing. Definitely one of my favorites on the album, think it could do well as a single to. It's just the vocal melody, almost as memorable as the Slam riff i think..........Maybe thats pushing it.

UNDER THE WAVES: For me, this was a pleasant surprise. I wasn't sure about it when i heard the initial previews, but having heard the final version its brill. Dunno about anyone else but i can't help but move at least one body part whilst listening to it, just automatically makes you want to jig about. Again, this has turned out to be one of my favourites. HYC vibes also.

IMMUNIZE: Sadly, i agree with most other people on this one. Big big disappointment considering the collab. Doesn't do the talent that was involved in it any justice, i would still see it as a poor track even if it was purely just Pendulum. Oh well, maybe there will be another opportunity for two of the worlds greatest dance acts to work together again.

THE ISLAND PT. I: What a great tune for a first attempt at house. It easily blows a lot life long house producers work straight out of the water. This is capable of greatness as a single, especially for the time of year. I think this will be one of the tracks Pendulum will be remembered for in years to come.

THE ISLAND PT. II: I can't understand why this has been slated as much as it has done. As a track, its not far behind Part 1 in terms of quality. Really expresses the production skills that Rob has, it sounds impeccable. If anyone asks you what electro house is, you know what to play to them.

COMPRACHICOS: This has to be my ultimate favourite track on the album. I don't really care how short it is because i think it just adds to the general vibe of the track. We heard the demo for it ages ago and not one of us could have predicted it to have those types of vocals on it. Couldn't suite the track more perfectly, love the whole spooky theme to it. Also yet another track that adds to the diversity of the album.

THE VULTURE: Such a catchy tune with Verse sounding awesome. This was one of the tracks i was most looking forward to and it didn't disappoint. Not 1 thing about it i don't like, perfection IMO. Something in my head telling me this could be a cheeky single for some reason.

WITCHCRAFT: The 2nd single which is receiving a lot of hype. I'm not as enthusiastic about it as many other people though. I'm sure it will do extremely well in the charts, its just that every other track on the album has its own thing going on and i think this is just to much like Watercolour. I think i would have preferred it if Ransom was included instead of this, or maybe even the earlier demo of Witchcraft we heard. Then, every single track would be in its own league. Still, i don't mind it at all. Its certainly not something i will skip.

SELF VS SELF: Obviously the most controversial track of the album. I will admit i was a bit annoyed with the fact it has screaming in it at first, but it works really well with the energy and aggression of the music. Robs voice also works really well with the screaming so its a pretty decent track. Saying that, an instrumental would be pretty badass.

THE FOUNTAIN: If i had to pick a least favourite, this would be it. If someone played this to me for the first time and told me Pendulum were behind it i would have definitely not believed them. I can't explain it, just doesn't have that Pend feel. If i'm honest i hardly knew anything about Porcupine Tree before the collab was announced, so i cant really get into the vocals. Maybe if i listen to a few of their tunes, it might help me understand how Steve Wilson's vocals are used. I still wouldn't dare skip it though.

ENCODER: A pretty much perfect ending. The Tempest esque feel to it automatically made me love it, and the lyrics, vox and the ending only added to that. Up there with my favourites, looking forward to this live aswell.

Overall, an outstanding album both in production terms and creative terms. Absolutely love how diverse it is, just shows how talented the guys are and how much they're willing to push forward their sound. Well done Pendulum, you deserve everything this masterpiece gives you ! :badger:

cjh - 22-5-2010 at 03:27

Pendulum - Immersion Review : The Times

It wouldn’t be a Pendulum album if it wasn’t festooned with hurtling breakbeats and synths resembling the death throes of an asthmatic Smash alien. That said, the Aussies’ dormant prog pretensions assert themselves on Watercolour and Parts I and II of The Island. As a primer for their cataclysmic live shows or as a performance-enhancing playlist for the gym, it’ll suffice. But only the catchy earworms that sit atop The Fountain and the Liam Howlett-abetted Immunize push the needle into the realm of excellence.

Pete Paphides

3/5 stars

IgneousPrime - 22-5-2010 at 09:58

Absolutely loved this review:

I agree with almost every point on there and it was hilarious as well.


buzzfunk - 22-5-2010 at 21:08

Yeah that review is pretty much on the money.

dafo93 - 22-5-2010 at 21:21

Originally posted by IgneousPrime
Absolutely loved this review:

I agree with almost every point on there and it was hilarious as well.


From that review:

Track 3 is Watercolour, which was the first single off Immersion (and for good reason). Watercolour is straight up In Silico-era Pendulum, full of hard drums, a driving guitar line

There are no guitars in Watercolour...

A brown-note bass guitar rumbles beneath the synths, drowning out Howlett’s wailing to the point where the lyrics are almost incomprehensible.

Any Prodigy fan would know that Liam hardly ever does vocals, and they are Rob's in this...

The Island is straight up, no apologies cheesy club four-by-four trance.

It's not trance.

Funny review though, a bit unfair in some places I thought.

bellis_01 - 22-5-2010 at 21:23

Originally posted by IgneousPrime
Absolutely loved this review:

Most of that is spot on.

ruzkin - 23-5-2010 at 01:18

Cheers guys, glad most everyone likes the review.

@Dafo93, you're totally right. There's no guitar in Watercolour and I don't even know why I wrote that there was. Re the vocals in Immunize, I made an assumption based on the sound of the track and the fact that it's listed as feat Liam Howlett. Who is singing then, Flint or Mount?

I disagree on The Island, though. Sure sounds like gay-club trance to me.

JC2 - 23-5-2010 at 01:30

Originally posted by ruzkin
Cheers guys, glad most everyone likes the review.

@Dafo93, you're totally right. There's no guitar in Watercolour and I don't even know why I wrote that there was. Re the vocals in Immunize, I made an assumption based on the sound of the track and the fact that it's listed as feat Liam Howlett. Who is singing then, Flint or Mount?

I disagree on The Island, though. Sure sounds like gay-club trance to me.

Says on the album booklet thing that its Rob on the Immunize vox.

IgneousPrime - 23-5-2010 at 01:38

The Island is more of a house sounding track than a trance one imo

ruzkin - 23-5-2010 at 01:59

Originally posted by JC2
Originally posted by ruzkin
Cheers guys, glad most everyone likes the review.

@Dafo93, you're totally right. There's no guitar in Watercolour and I don't even know why I wrote that there was. Re the vocals in Immunize, I made an assumption based on the sound of the track and the fact that it's listed as feat Liam Howlett. Who is singing then, Flint or Mount?

I disagree on The Island, though. Sure sounds like gay-club trance to me.

Says on the album booklet thing that its Rob on the Immunize vox.

Ah, no booklet for me. iTunes DL.

buzzfunk - 23-5-2010 at 04:32

The Island is def a house tune with Trance elements. The entire lead synth is trance based.

I have to admit that this tune is my least favorite one. I understand why its on there but a tune more like Deadmous5 ghosts and stuff would've been proper. This is def not my cup of tea.

Im really bummed that the in flames collab really isn't one. More pendulum elements would've made this a smash.

My main problem with the record is that the tracks (minus isl part2) are very repetitive. When you heard the first min you heard it all.

I thought the Bens vox on vulture add nothing to the track. They are out of balance imo and everytime the main hook gets dropped for the 'pend cheese' the tune loses steam...

Fav are Watercolour, Crush (the ending is awesome. Wish it would go back into the hook one more time tho), parts of witchcraft and set me on fire.

anonymousm - 25-5-2010 at 01:42

Pretty decent on the first couple of listens

- Diversity with guest artists and genre mixes
- A better mix of sound then In Silico
- The production is superb

- 'SITW' and 'Immuzine' are unbelievably repetitive
- The lyrics could've been better. I know Rob isn't exactly a poet but still.

djnico - 25-5-2010 at 10:37

NME review not that it counts for much!
Most the reviews i have read have actually been really negative.

Ryan - 26-5-2010 at 01:18

BBC Review
Mike Diver 2010-05-21

While it’s true that critics (hello!) cry out for artists to exhibit evolution from album to album, every now and again a record’s so bad that stagnation would have been preferred. Pendulum’s second effort, 2008’s In Silico, was such a beast. An unfocused (not necessarily miscalculated) collision of dance and rock constituents, it sought to expand the tumultuous drum‘n’bass template of 2005’s Hold Your Colour. But to these ears it was woeful, deliberately tailored to tantalise a wider audience without nailing any trait. It was dumb, sure, but no fun whatsoever, as appealing as a third-rate nu-metal release.
Clearly it was just me: the record sold over a million copies and transformed Pendulum into bona-fide mainstream megastars, with top ten singles and festival headline slots theirs for the taking. Given this amazing success, no fan would think less of the Australians if they repeated In Silico’s formula. But stasis is evidently not on the group’s agenda, as Immersion takes Pendulum further still from their roots. It offers more rock and more dance, but most importantly more fun. And when it’s good, it’s very good indeed.

Lead single Watercolour is the essential bridge between albums, but sounds diluted compared with much that surrounds it, tracks that fire on significantly more cylinders. The absolute standout is the two-part, mid-record peak of The Island. Dawn is fairly conventional fare, a thick synth line guiding a relatively conventional indie-rock arrangement to a pause; but when it stirs again it does so in unprecedented fashion. Dusk is Pendulum gone Ed Banger, playing at being Justice and coming across as more than imitators – for perhaps the first time in their career, the sextet sounds innovative. It genuinely thrills, as all manner of dizzying beats and bleeps duck and weave around each other. It’s going to be absolutely massive live.

The band’s rock side is explored like never before on Self Vs. Self, which features Swedish metallers In Flames. Excellently, the riffs don’t sound simply tacked on, presenting the sense that this is a collaboration proper rather than a phoned-in performance for rock scene kudos. Liam Howlett shows up too, on Immunize – it’s a welcome gesture, given how Pendulum have obviously leaned on The Prodigy’s catalogue for inspiration. As Encoder closes proceedings, an unexpected conclusion presents itself: somehow, Pendulum have crafted an album, their best yet, almost as enjoyable as their frenetic live performances.

Great review there from Mike Diver on the BBC, pretty positive.

azathegreat - 26-5-2010 at 03:08

Originally posted by djnico

NME review not that it counts for much!
Most the reviews i have read have actually been really negative.

Emily Mackay, she looks like a gypo horse.

Wim - 27-5-2010 at 10:19

Now I've had a good few days to absorb this album, I've definitely got some favourites emerging:

Set Me On Fire,
The Island (both parts - the chord progression in pt 1 took me totally by surprise)
The Fountain
and, yes, Self versus Self.
... and, as an afterthought, The Vulture's growing on me rapidly....

That's not to say I don't like all the tracks: I do - these are just the ones I find myself gravitating towards, and wanting to hear over again as soon as they've finished. Funnily enough, the track that most of the printed reviews find the strongest - Immunize - is one of my least-favourites. For me, it's a little too close to Fat of the Land-era Prodigy. That in and of itself isn't a bad thing (along with "Jilted Generation", that's one of their best albums) but I think I'd rather it was slightly more Pendulum-y than Prodigy-y. Perhaps it's my own inability to separate Liam from the Prodigy's overall sound. Humm.

One thing I am very pleased about is that there's no attempt to replicate previous albums. After all, if I wanted to listen to HYC or IS, I'll listen to those albums. This feels like an evolution, like a coherent step forward. Again, maybe this is something I'm bringing to the record, but whatever: it works.

Sure, it's not going to be to everyone's taste, but that's true of any album. There are going to be people who don't like the influences, the sounds, the vocals, the direction... whatever. Not everyone has to like everything about every record ever released, and that's how it should be. But for me, it's made of win. They're growing as a band, as musicians, and Rob's growing as a vocalist and songwriter.

It felt like a long wait for this album, but you know what? As far as I'm concerned, it was worth every damn minute.

garymiller - 27-5-2010 at 10:25

Ofcourse NME are going to be negative since Rob bashed them for being idiots!

fortomenos - 28-5-2010 at 17:53

Pendulum return with their third studio album, 'Immersion', featuring the single 'Watercolour', which heralds a glorious evolution in the Pendulum sound. Now utilising a richer sonic tapestry than ever before, the sublime 'Watercolour' finds Rob Swire's vocals alternating between eerie distortion and full-blooded energy amidst flourishes of horns and an atmospheric, tension building breakdown. The track's progressive structure highlight's Pendulum growing strength in constructing contrasting dynamics.



Dan C - 31-5-2010 at 16:13

Having only heard the matter previews, salt, watercolour, and the 1 minute official samples here are thoughts and comments.

After seeing that youtube kid, I opted not to video my unboxing ;)

After seeing him play with his limited edition box Gel, I decided to play with it for at least 1 second before digging in and diving straight for the vinyl.

(And yes my player was on the wrong speed)

Was a little disappointed at the treatment of my box during transit. Got a little crushed, and the top of my vinyl cover has a slight tear.

The vinyl was beautifully presented, however I was expecting a larger version of the cd insert in the vinyl sleeve, or at the very least a larger reproduction of the book on the record sleeves. Never mind... onto the player goes side A.

Side A:
This was basically the pre-album sampler I had already heard.
Genesis, Salt in the Wounds, and Watercolour, all tracks that had been around for a while before album release.

Great intro to build up what was to come.

Set Me On Fire took me by surprise. Quite a solid track, a lull before the storm to follow and a great finisher to side A.

From here the album just builds
Side B:
The first few guitar chords of Crush burst out. This was the track I had been hanging to hear since matter, three double hits on the drums and then the track kicks in like a smack to the head with a cricket bat.
Love the chord progression, in this guitar led track, and the delicate use of synths over the top. The break with the acoustic was also a nice addition. (Someone on the forums was calling for Pendulum unplugged???) Sorta ended a little abruptly for me, but a great track.

Under the waves continues to build from where Crush left off. Love the whole construction/progression of this track, and the build to the end. The subtle guitars under the synth lead works nicely.

Just when you wonder if this side is going to get build any more Immunize kicks in.
Gritty, dirty, grindy... Up and in your face. Minimalistic in the lyrics department, screams pendulum of old. I love this track, and would love to see more tracks like this, or some more collaborations with Liam.

On to side C:
Ahh.. The Island.... Love it or Hate it... I think this track is great. It sounds great live. Was glad to finally to hear the studio version in full. A great track to ease into side C, and I was left wondering would it blend into part II like at R1BW, or would they be distinct tracks..


Part II... different to what was done live at R1BW.
Such a contrast to the nice clean melodic sounds of part 1. Dirty, gritty synths. I loved this when I heard the R1BW performance, and the studio version is fantastic. Love "break" in the middle, and the way it builds to get back into it.

Comprachicos..... The shortest track on the album after Genesis. Great track.. reminiscent of the sounds of NIN. Short and sweet.

The Vulture builds upon Comprachicos and ends side C on a high. This track is going to go off when they eventually play it live. I was impressed with Verse's vocal debut on a pendulum track.

Side D:
Witchcraft... Wasn't sure what to expect from this track after listening to the previews, but after listening to the live version, this track has grown on me over the past week. Can't fault the studio version.

Self vs Self is going to be another one of those polarising tracks. Either you hate it or love it. I thought it was great. :badger:

I really got the impression that side D was building to some climax.

To me the last two tracks were a bit disappointing, after the way the album was building.

The Fountain just didnt quite do it for me. I think for me, it was tarnished by the official sample. I didnt really like the synth melody that much that was prominant in the sample. I think I would have liked this track to be more minimalistic. (ie without the synth melody as prominant). I'm going to try and start a fresh with this track in it's "whole" state and give myself a few more listens hoping it grows on me over time.

I know some love it, but Encoder wasn't my favourite track. The intro sounded like "Galvanize", I wasn't a fan of the lyrics or the progression of the song as a whole.

This is an album the guys can be proud of.

The album takes you on a fantastical journey as the tracks span across a broad range of musical styles and music styles.

Over all immersion is a solid album with many great tracks, and is a re-enforcement
change in direction taken during the production of In Silico.

Looking forward to many listens of this album, and maybe some VIP mixes as the are made!

pat - 31-5-2010 at 18:10

Lots better than In Silico, nothing on Hold Your Clour.

linkismyhero - 1-6-2010 at 06:56

I'll give this my perspective, in no particular track order, copied and pasted from another site I posted this on:

I got in my collector's edition of Immersion yesterday, and it's a fucking KILLER album. Fuck the haters, this is by far my favorite album by them. They're keeping some of their DnB roots while branching out into several different genres, all on one album.

Witchcraft had beautiful lyrics, as did The Fountain. They were easily two of my favorite tracks on the album.

Salt In The Wounds was what I've come to expect from an intro to a Pendulum album. Loud, heavy, fast, and something to get you moving.

Crush was just all around incredible. Loved the lyrics, loved the music, it's probably my most played track on the album so far.

Watercolour's lyrics were pretty generic pop stuff, but they got the job done, and sans lyrics, it sounded great.

The Island part 1 sounds like it could've easily been a Deadmau5 collab, and Island part 2 sounds like they said "hey Deadmau5 we're going to take your sound, and make it a bit crazier... oh you thought the first drop was good? WAIT FOR THE SECOND DROP BITCH."

Self vs. Self was surprisingly good, I wasn't expecting a lot out of it.

The Vulture will absolutely destroy any dance floor it's played on. I let a few of my friends listen to it on my system in my car, and they lost their minds. It was intense. Set Me On Fire is another good one to listen to if you've got a sub in your car.

Comprachicos is fun to drive fast to, and I love the lyric "Throw it away, cause I've got the patience to see that you drown, to watch you go down" sung alongside an awesome track.

Under the Waves was good, but not mind blowing. The lyrics were pretty meh.

After the epic that was The Tempest on In Silico, I was incredibly underwhelmed by Encoder as their final track on the album. I think they were trying to symbolize someone rising up to the surface (ending their "Immersion"), which is what I got from the splashes and waves at the end of the album. On the opposite end of that spectrum, the opening to Watercolour sounded like someone was floating above water, and then was suddenly slammed underwater where the synth started.

Anyone still pining for the HYC days can go fuck themselves. That's 5 years old now, let them evolve how they want.

I'd give Immersion a 9/10.

Verlouche - 2-6-2010 at 16:06

My album review for Immersion :

javapalava - 27-1-2011 at 00:48

Just thought rather than open a new topic I'd slip this one in here:

An American review of Immersion:

D1G1T4LPOLARIS - 25-4-2011 at 00:18

Genesis: A pretty good Intro to the album itself but not great. I don't know but the beginning oddly makes me think of a Halloween night type atmosphere but toward the end it gets pretty dark, twisted and cool. It leads into salt in wounds perfectly. 8/10

Salt In Wounds: One of my favorite tracks on the album. Listening to it will get you pumped which guarantees to be a monster live. Overall a Great Track. 10/10

Watercolour: Sounds like it doesn't fit the album at all and definitely sticks out like a sore thumb. But it is still a good song but doesn't come close to the rest of the tracks on the album.

Set Me On Fire: The beginning of the tracks is an extremely original lead in to a dubstep and or / drumstep song. The sampled vocals are amzing and fit perfectly in the track. The basslines and lead lines are Amazing!!! 9/10

Crush: A really catchy song which seems to mix in a sort of alternative rock style and DnB style together. Everything works in it. The lyrics are amazing and the outro is great with the acoustic guitar. 8/10

Under the Waves: An extremely great song one of the songs i listen to the most. The synth sounds like a video game from the N64 era. I love it. 9.5/10

Immunize: A great track.Pendulum and Liam from prodigy its the best i can describe it as Haha 9.8/10

The Island - Pt. I Dawn: The most catchy track on the album that will get stuck in your head for days. I showed my friends little brother he is 8 years old and he said he thought it was deadmau5 because he thought joel zimmerman was the singer of ghost n stuff. I was laughing so hard but it also proved something. This tracks sound alot like something you would hear from deadmau5. But that does not mean its bad. 9/10

The Island - Pt. II Dusk: Basically a remix of The Island-Pt.1 Dawn it has and electro feel to it and is definitely unexpected. Some dislike it but i love it. You can tell how much work was done on the synth in it and it was probably alot. 9/10

Comprachicos: Very dark sound in it almost like a Nine Inch Nail sound. But it is good the chorus is pretty catchy too. 8.7/10

The Vulture: Another track just like Salt In Wounds that will pump you up. Intro to has the same feel as Set Me On Fire like old EDM but just like Set Me On Fire it works perfectly and sound cool as F***. 10/10

Witchcraft: Very cool sounding song the beginning sounds that of a rock song from the late 90's and the jumps straight into synths,guitars,bass, and drums. The Lyrics are pretty good to and tells a dark story. 9/10

Self vs Self: I First heard In Flames back in 2006 and loved their sound but never would have imagined they would do a track with Pendulum. But the track is good i like it all though most people hate the Screamo vocals. 8/10

The Fountain: The thing that stands most out in this song is Stevens voice. It fits Perfect with the instrumental. The overall feel of the song has the cool thing going on and it is awesome. It sort of reminds me of a linkin park sound. 10/10

Encoder: The first thought when i heard this song was Owl City. It has that type a sound that is quite unexpected. But it is a great song i love it especially the outro it is perfect for the final end to the album. It also sounds like in the end someone is coming from the water onto a shore which is pretty cool and definitely original. 9/10

-Marcel Morin (D1G1T4LPOLARIS)

celldwellerwannabe - 25-4-2011 at 09:54

After a year (give or take a bit) here is my second review of Immersion. (If you can't find my first i probably deleted it)

Genesis - I must say, however crap i used to think of it before, Genesis is just... mindblowing as an intro. Still sounds like Star Wars backing music. In a good way. 6/10 (If you think my ratings are harsh, then its a direct comparison with me)

Salt In The Wounds - I heard this at Matter, thought it was epic. Heard the official song given to Zane Lowe, still thought it was epic. Unlocked the full 7:00 version from the 360 degree video... was less than impressed. Yes it's fucking amazing, but it repeats way to much. Good live though. And i don't like the link in from Genesis. This is where i compare it to Celldweller. He released two versions of "Switchback", one that could be played as a stand alone track and one that linked from "Cell 1". As Pendulum have done the same this is epic, i just wish they'd done it with a shorter song 6/10

Watercolour - should totally have been the last track on the album, it doesn't fit in at the start. Other than that, no faults. 9/10

Set Me On Fire - As you may already know, I love dubstep. So when i heard that Pendulum were doing Dubstep, i was ecstatic. I heard the Mistajam version, and my God was it good... There were little drops in the final section that just rounded off the track as a great tune... but they were missing from the full track, and that, for me, killed the ending 7/10

Crush - What can i say. VERY good track, gives you a buzz when you play it live (I said you, not they, as in when i play it in my band it gives me such a buzz), loving the acoustic outro... but you know the single mix? where it comes back into the chorus at the very end? The original could have done that then gone back out to the little acoustic solo at the end. thats my only flaw, and i wouldn't have thought it if they hadn't of made suc a great radio edit 9/10

Under The Waves - Now, i think all the tracks on this album are really good, but i haven't listened to this much recently. So i stuck this on my Headphones. I blew my mind. The synth riff, especially over the Dub beat at the end is immense, the vocals fit in perfectly, the song as a whole is great. 8/10

Immunize - Doesn't Liam Howlett, they could each individually have come up with this track and they don't need each other. Ok, rant over. Good tune over all, the vocals pull it down though. the riff is great. 7/10

The island - I'm doing it as one song. The first part is amazing the vocals soar above the drums in the verse, and the chords bring it back to... the riff. Quite probably the best riff i've ever heard. And that's enough for this to easily get a 9/10. but the second part... If it was released as a remix (The Island (Dusk remix)) I would have been happier. i t jsut doesn't fit on the album. 7/10

Comprachicos - Great tune, but the vocals don't fit with it. The instrumental rocks. 8/10

The vulture - the Verse's studio debut is amazing, with great riffage on both guitars and synths. Verse should do some more for the next album, wether singing or writing (Cos he helped write UTW as well) 8/10

Witchcraft - Some people slag it off for being too poppy. This is not the case. the soaring synths, the heavy guitars, the need for a slot in Rock Band... It just rocks. But it ain't as good as Crush 9/10

Self Vs Self - Now recently ive gone off metal, but this still does it for me. Rob's vocoded vocals still work (Don't say they arent vocoded cos they sound it to me!) perfectly with Anders' and the riffage is just great it still only gets 7/10 though

The Fountain - listened to it for the first time in ages 2 mins ago. It isn't impressingme like it used to. Sorry... I dont konw what it is about it, whether its the hints of a piano in the background or the vocals not being Robs, or the main synth being extremely simple... I dont know 6/10

Encoder - Still amazing after all this time, but it can't rival the tempest. The first bit sounds like the lion king, the second bit like an apocalypse 8/10

the album as a whole? 8/10 Songs like SITW and The Fountain pull it down. I'd probably only give a higher mark to No More Idols, but only cos of it's consistency of good track after good track

javapalava - 25-4-2011 at 16:37

I commend you for taking the trouble to re review Immersion but comparing it with No More Idols ???

celldwellerwannabe - 25-4-2011 at 17:01

^ I loved No More Idols, just cos everyone else thinks that "Going mainstream" is equal to "Going shitty" doesn't mean I do. NMI is much better than MTA

Pendulum France - 8-11-2011 at 12:11

All the songs are good (except maybe The Fountain that I do not like) but do not go together